The Men Who Pioneered Electric Transportation

The book covers inventors such as Frank Sprague, Nikola Tesla, Bion Arnold and Van Depoele. Other stories cover the first electric Pioneers of Electric Tractionlocomotive, the first railroad main line electrification, electrifying the Manhattan El’s, the development of power supply for distribution and writing on Westinghouse, General Electric and Werner Von Siemens. This book is good for children and adults. It illustrates the men and idea’s that changed our lives forever. For like our present day where the computer is vastly changing our world rapidly, over 100 years ago it was electric power that changed everyone’s life for the better and these men made it a reality.

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The Second Edition of the

 Brooklyn Elevated Fleet

Brooklyn Elevated EquipmentThis is the second edition of the Brooklyn El Book published in 1987. This book concentrates on the beginning of the Elevated lines from the Steam railroads to Coney Island and the New York and Brooklyn Bridge cable cars. How the steam El's were part of the formidable Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company. Here is a history on how transportation made the great transformation of a small Dutch farm land into a major metropolis and later part of the incorporated City of New York. The herculean task of turning hundredths of steam coaches into electric motor cars. Later their conversion from open platform El cars to fleets of multiple unit controlled closed door cars. The thinking and craftsmanship of a time past that viewed every new problem the company faced to develop equipment that meet the challenge. Full maps, drawings and technical data in this over 200 photographs hard covered book. See the old neighborhoods as they look in the past.

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Brooklyn Trolley Cars from the BRT to the B&QT

Brooklyn TrolleyThe Third Edition of our Brooklyn trolleys book expands its size and scope After the first and second editions of BROOKLYN TROLLEYS, we have expanded the size and scope the third edition to cover every piece of trolley and cable cars that the Brooklyn trolley giant the Brooklyn Rapid Transit and later the Brooklyn and Queens Transit Corporation operated. This new work traces through the electric trolley equipment from the consolidation of the Brooklyn Rapid Transits fleets and it continuing dedication to improve and provide the best public transit in the City of Brooklyn. This hard cover, 360 pages of B/W historical photographs from the Edward B. Watson collection of all the open and closed cars along with the various stages of rebuilding are documented. The rare photographic work is accompanied by new drawings of most of the major orders of cars, a complete 1904-track map of all of the Brooklyn and Queens's traction lines along with roller sign layouts of each type car and complete roster and a roster of preserved cars. This will be the most complete coverage of the Brooklyn Empire that built the greatest most productive places in America. As a Brooklynite, it is required reading, for the historian of traction and traction modeling it has equipment for every taste and era. Many historic photo of all neghberhoods from 1890 -1956.

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The Interborough Fleet

Interborough FleetThe Interborough Rapid Transit Company (IRT) the first to operator of a subway in New York City. With the first Steel & wood cars to the last cars built in 1939. This historical text is accompanied by loads of photographs and drawings. The reader will realize the importance of the IRT in New York City.  Retail $12.00

100 PCC Trolley Cars Ran in Brooklyn

PCC Trolley CarsA photo history of each car in the PCC fleet from the pioneering Brooklyn & Queens Transit Corporation, the history documents the cars from 1936 to the end of trolley service in 1956. Remember the old neighborhoods as they were then.   Retail $12.00

Building The New Rapid Transit System of New York City

Building the new RTSAn historic reprint of the engineering accounts of the building of the Dual Contract subways of the BMT and IRT. Pages of original construction details and maps of the second phase of New York's transportation empire.


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NYCTS Bus & Trolley Coach Fleet 1946-1958

PCC Trolley CarsAll the buses and Trolley Coaches purchased from the City of New York from 1946 to 1958. Interior and exterior, color and B/W photographs of each series. History and technical information. 100 pages of post-war bus history of New York City Transit Authority.

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Hello, We want to introduce you to our great line of historical books on New York & Brooklyn transportation. All of our works contain all the historical aspects such as photographs, maps car elevations time tables, everything that pertained to that subject. They are sensibly priced and these are the only books covering this rare historical subject. They also illustrate the local neighborhoods these vehicles ran through. Please call or email us on your needs. THANK YOU